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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Meditations on a manhole cover!
I was drawn to study manhole covers from a website I came across on a friend's blog. Now these may not seem terribly exciting to many of you, but if you click on the link below(which show a wonderful gallery of manhole covers of France!), you'll find just how amazing some of the designs are and how much work has gone into their design. Though I do think the ones in France are rather more grand than our British ones! Still makes me think of a parallel with people. We overlook manhole covers, take them for granted, trample on them without even looking at them.

Some people often get overlooked, trampled on, taken for granted. If we would just look properly...take time...
(see http://www.manhole-covers.net )

Another aspect of manhole covers istheir man-madeness:

This is the oldest one I can find, my personal favourite, because it makes you realise that in the end even the toughest of manmade things eventually disappears and can't resist the gentle persistance of life as it grows around, under and even on it.


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