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Thursday, March 02, 2006

This is my fave rock on the Island of Iona. Pictured here with a lone seagull enjoying a moment of solitude! The coast of Mull can be seen in the background on the photo.
Iona is a traffic free haven, and largely tourist free except for between about 10am to 4pm. The reason is that it takes so long to get there from the mainland, and the little ferry only operates from Mull at certain hours of the day, at least it used to. In winter the last ferry crossing to Mull was about 4pm if the sea was safe!There are various ways of staying on the island, and probably any websearch on Iona will give info about that. So, to anyone coming to visit the UK I'd recommend taking a trip to Iona. Give yourself a day to get there from Oban(mainland) and a day to get back. Nobody hurries up there...wonderful!
As you can see Iona was a place of much inspiration for me.

Don't know what the yellow splodgy bits are on the photo, they're not actually on the photo, which means they are probably on my scanner which probably needs cleaning!


Blogger Liz said...

Lovely drawing and photo, Hilary. I love Iona too. Have you discovered the Iona Lent meditation series? (at least I think it's Iona..)


5:14 AM  

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