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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

...and this is Poppy, my Kakariki. ..and for all of you who don't know what a Kakariki is, then she is a New Zealand Parakeet, and actually part of the parrot family. Kakariki (plural is the same) have the longest legs of all the parrot family so I've been told...and they are amazing birds. They do talk, but mainly the male birds. Poppy however, does communicate in many and various ways. She is highly intelligent and understands a great number of words. She has to have a variety of foods, and it's impossible to enjoy a cup of tea without her expecting a few sips too.She uses her left foot as a hand and eats using her left foot generally. I have very occasionally seen her use her right foot, but on the whole she is left 'handed'! She loves to investigate everything, and I have to provide her with lots of activities and also lots of paper to tear up, which she does with great enthusiasm...clearly another artisitc trait! She is fascinated by my computer, loves my friend's kids, enjoys listening to Terry Wogan every morning(she's not a fan of classical music at all), loves being sung to, and doesn't like heights!!! I know, weird, but she doesn't, honest...she'd rather scrabble about on the floor, or hop from table to chair than fly at a great height(I have a high ceiling in one room, and she hates it, so I had to move her aviary(yes aviary - 5ft wide!)into a lower ceiling room, where it takes over the room, but she is so much happier in here - yup, it's my room full of books/computer/art/craft etc...which is why she probably loves it in here...lots to explore and tear up!


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