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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

...just to introduce you to a few of my little friends. This is 'Tiny' Tiny has sadly passed away into Hamster heaven, but lived to a good old age, and has to be one of the few hamsters who lived in two different countries in his little lifetime - England and then Wales. He was of course, a great sculptor, as you can see, and this is one of his works in progress! All his own work! A portrait of himself of course, with him just sculpting the head! Now, I've seen some supposed works of art that people have painted, drawn, sculptured that have not been as good as this and have fetched thousands of pounds...so maybe I should get it valued! Must be worth at least a million! Tiny was presented to me as a leaving gift from my year 11 group from my last school. They were a very special form group. I often wonder where they all are now and how they're doing. So, 11HF, if any of you come across this...get in touch, tell me how you're doing.


Blogger Liz said...

You should have a look on Friends Reunited and see how they're doing!!

Nice hamster... I will show Barnabas tomorrow - he would like one!!

1:54 PM  

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