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Saturday, February 18, 2006

...and here's one with the proper sized speech bubbles...and two other central characters of my cartoon 'Little Moo'.

I've always loved cartoons, and grew up reading the Beano comic, which to all who read this blog and live outside the UK is a national favourite. Other comics I used to read are the Beezer, Dandy, Topper...and several others, all mostly produced by D.C Thomson. For all who read this and live outside the UK, the Beano is the comic that hosts the British version of Dennis the Menace! (It was years before I discovered there was another Dennis the Menace!)...and for a picture of British Dennis the Menace, see Liz Plummer's Portfolio on her website!(www.lizplummer.com) Then I discovered Peanuts and Charlie Brown and Snoopy(my fave cartoon dog). I think what I love about cartoons is that so much can be said through them, using just a picture and a speech bubble. In this example, there are so many ways of looking at the conversation. The sheep sitting and knitting, in other words engaging in a daily chore, either totally cynical about the duck's statement, or simply not interested, or just on a completely different level of understanding, ...and all three versions are true to how people are. The philosopher and the pragmatist...every cartoon strip has characters that make us smile because they are so like us!

So, hope you're not totally bored by my getting a bit carried away there with my cartoon theory...if so, ignore!


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