Hills and valleys

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Here's a photo of the Island of Iona. This is taken from the little boat that travels across form the isle of Mull. it takes about ten minutes. The boat is the only means of getting to the mainland(well Mull anyway) from Iona, so there's usually at least a tractor or a cart load of supplies on it once a day. There are only about 9o people who actually live on this little isle. In the centre of the photo you can see Iona Abbey, which houses a whole community of staff, volunteers and visitors. As for the green splodges, I have no idea, I think they are bits of paint on my scanner! They're not on the photo! Oops! Must let things dry properly! I think, but am not sure that the white building to the left of the Abbey and behind the other white buildings is one of the two hotels on Iona. Columba, a missionary from Ireland, around about 563 AD landed on Iona along with his companions. Here's a link, http://www.iona.org.uk/abbey/


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