Hills and valleys

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

well I couldn't really leave out the Golden Gate Bridge could I !!!

There are two views of and from Lombard Street, which is pretty famous apparently! The views in San Francisco are splendiforous! It's a much cleaner and safer place than I expected it to be.

The 'bushes' are actually orange trees and the road you can see there is lines with them. Central Valley provides fruit and veg for most of the US it seems. These were the first orange trees I'd ever seen.

The wooden chalet is in a place called The Three Rivers. I could easily live here!!!

The view from the top of the cable car rail(oh yes, cable cars aren't things that hang from 300feet up in the air, they run along the cable car lines in SF!!!) is Alcatraz...which I now know is in San Francisco and not Italy as I thought...Geography never was one of my strong points!!!

Just liked the rays of sunlight behind the lighthouse here on the road to Santa Cruz!


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