Hills and valleys

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Just when you thought I'd given up my blog...I'm back...now having never been on a plane before, my first flight was to San francisco from London. Inspired to go by my amazing Californian pals - whom I met over last summer when they came to Wales to help with a church holiday club - I boarded my first 777...and was enthralled...so here are a few piccies from the plane...and let me know if you recognise what that massive mountain is, cos I really don't know...but it was over half way there and that's about all I can tell you as to its wherabouts! Oh and an hour after take off we were all offered a hot towel..well I took one cos in case it was some sort of essential thing to have whilst flying and waited to see what everyone else did with theirs, because I was intrigued to find out...but none of them seemed to know either...


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